Spiritual Direction

Lakachti etchem li  – I will take you to Me (Exodus 6:7)

Wow, what a promise…

Are we willing? Dare we enter into such an intimate relationship with God, with Mystery? Can we quiet down and listen into the darkness, through the constrictions, past our fears? Can we lean into the expansive possibility of this encounter – and be transformed? Dare we say yes – yes! – be our God, let us know You – and in coming to know You, may we come to know our own deepest yearnings.

Can we hear – truly hear, with our hearts and souls – God’s answer?

Ve’hayiti lachem Elohimand I will be to you a God

I know first-hand how scary it can feel, how confusing – how absurd even! – it can seem to lean into the unknown, to cultivate trust in a divine energy beyond ourselves that we cannot be sure is there. I also know how painful it can be to not have a clear sense of purpose and how hard it can be to not have the right spiritual tools to navigate life’s inevitable ups and downs.

For more than a decade, I was – and continue to be – deeply heard and held by my own spiritual director. I have experienced the transformative power of kind, compassionate, holy listening in coming to know my soul’s truth. And I continue to cultivate the courage and faith to grow spiritually beyond my wildest dreams and fears.

I have been privileged to serve in the capacity of spiritual director myself since 2012. I have been honored to witness and support individuals with whom I have worked to connect with their deep knowing, their God-spark, their Rabbi within. I look forward to the opportunity to work to explore your spiritual questions and dilemmas. Together we will create sacred, holy space in which we can listen deeply for your truth, the unique Torah of your one, precious life.