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Living the Path of Blessing...the Gift That Keeps on Giving

Drawing on Rabbi Marcia Prager’s book, The Path of Blessing, and other sources, this class will use the opening six words of our traditional Jewish blessing – Baruch Ata YHVH Eloheinu Melech Ha’Olam – to explore how to make of our lives a blessing, and become a blessing onto others in the process. As Rabbi Marcia Prager writes: “Blessing offers us a personal consciousness-raising practice, a spiritual adventure bringing sensitivity and gratitude into the foreground of our lives.” By practicing the path of blessings, we may be lucky enough “to feel the Presence of God [or however you imagine Mystery] move within and through us.” In addition to learning about the traditional Jewish act of blessing in this class, we will also practice blessing one another – and become a continuous feedback loop for love and flow. As the prayer that comes at the moment of the service when we stand to call ourselves into community with one another and with the Divine, the Barchu, reimagined by Faith Rogow affirms:

As we bless the source of Life, so we are blessed.
And our blessings give us strength,
And make our visions clear.
And our blessings give us peace,
And the courage to dare.
As we bless the source of Life, so we are blessed.

Drop-ins are welcome at any time during the class series! There are two online sections: Wednesdays @ 12 MT and Thursdays @ 6pm MT


  • October 13/14: Baruch/Brucha – Blessed
  • October 20/21: Ata/At – You
  • October 27/28: Blessing Practices
  • November 3/4: YHVH – Naming ‘God’
  • December 1/2: Communal vs. Individual Blessings
  • December 8/9: Mitzvot – Blessings in Action
  • December 15/16: Amen – Integrating the Path of Blessing into Our Lives