Whether you were born Jewish and are looking for a new or more in-depth learning experience, or are interested in learning more about Judaism in order to convert, or are simply curious about how Jewish teachings might enhance your life in some way: Welcome!

It is my firm belief that Judaism offers a treasure-trove of riches for learners of all ages and prior levels of exposure to Jewish learning. I am excited to help you develop your own relationship to Jewish knowledge and spiritual practices in ways that speak to your heart, ground you in ‘right action’ and help you uncover what speaks most profoundly to you in this moment.

Here are some of my core beliefs about teaching and learning:

  • learning should be fun and engaging, meaningful and challenging
  • respect for differences, curiosity, generosity, confidentiality and compassion are central to the learning process
  • learning is holy work, demanding self-awareness and a commitment to honesty and integrity from both teacher and student
  • accepting where we are in the learning process is the foundation upon which we can grow into becoming who we want to be
  • there are no definitive answers, or short-cuts, in the learning process – instead our intention should be to cultivate delight in life-long learning

I am excited to explore what you would like to learn next!

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