Welcome! I am so happy you have found your way to Rabbi Within. I am Rabbi Diane Tiferet and I look forward to exploring together the Torah (wisdom) that is uniquely yours to bring into this world.

  • I care deeply about your well-being.
  • I strive to make you feel heard, appreciated, seen and respected.
  • I encourage you to explore your own answers through deep listening.
  • I maintain clear boundaries, keep confidences and build enduring relationships.

Whatever might have brought you to this website, to this moment in time, may you be blessed to know and live your soul’s truth. Let me know how best to support you.

Spiritual Guide I Wished For

B. K.

Rabbi Diane Tiferet is the spiritual guide I wished for: her down-to-earth, funny and inspiring way of teaching makes me count down to the next lesson.

Enriching Discovery of Jewish Learning and Practice

brenda w.

My studies with Rabbi Diane Tiferet are always an exciting and enriching discovery of Jewish learning and practice. The learning experience is spiritual, inspiring and joyous, with relevance to our lives.

Enabled Me to Develop Trust in My Own Path

beate w.

Rabbi Diane Tiferet provided comfort and spiritual accompaniment during a heart-wrenching divorce process. Her mindful, compassionate and empathetic listening gave me a sense of being held, enabling me to develop trust in my own path and the strength to pursue it.

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